Della’s Playhouse Flip: A Mini Farmhouse

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Della received a cedar playhouse for her 2nd birthday from her “Bapa Bill.” He heard I wanted to find & paint a playhouse for her to match our farmhouse so it was kind of a surprise for both of us. THIS is the playhouse we started with.

We bought a gallon of KILZ (white) for the first coat because we were painting cedar and wanted to make sure I had it sealed up before the final coat. I ended up brushing on two coats of KILZ and it was so pretty that I just left it at that. After an afternoon spent with a paintbrush, I would highly recommend using a paint sprayer for this project!

I left all of the accessories that came with playhouse out of the project and that made the painting process easier. I also wanted a cleaner, more bare-bones look so we could get a little more creative with our themes.

Here are a few of the things I added to doll up this little house after the painting was complete:

Della loves this farmhouse she gets to call her own! We have so many fun (themed) plans for her playhouse this summer and we’ll share them here and on Instagram.

This post isn’t very detailed when it comes to the process, but this was just a very simple project; it just took a paint brush and a little time. If there are any questions about the process, please leave them in the comments below & I’ll answer them the best I can!

The before & after:

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